District 6 candidates forum at Goddard Riverside Center

I will be debating with 6 Democratic candidates running for the Council District 6 seat (covering W. 54-W. 98 St) at the Goddard Riverside Center on the NE corner of Columbus Ave and West 88th Street, Thursday, August 29 from 6 -8 PM.



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2 responses to “District 6 candidates forum at Goddard Riverside Center

  1. Diane Johnston

    I am writing to you as a New York Public Library retiree who worked for 32 years in or near the stacks of the 42nd Street library. I am opposed to the library’s current CLP plan and am entreating you to take a stand and prevent the sale of Mid-Manhattan and other branches to finance the destruction of the Central Building’s stacks.
    Carrere & Hastings conceived the 42nd Street building as an organic whole, a synthesis of decorative and functional beauty to which the stacks contribute. The structural and architectural integrity of this masterpiece (Ada L. Huxtable’s term) is now at stake.
    I am aware of the economic considerations behind the CLP plan, but selling off heavily used branches with no public input and approval is wrong. I agree with many New Yorkers who feel that Mid-Manhattan should be the branch reconfigured into a “Library of the Future”. We have lost too many of New York’s landmarks to short-sighted development; please, let’s reconsider the CLP plan and polish the masterpiece—the building with the lions—that we already possess. Thank you for your attention–please take a stand..
    Diane Johnston
    71 W 89th St
    NY NY 10024

  2. The Green Party does not accept the argument t that there is not enough money for the City to adequately fund the city’s public libraries, public schools, parks, etc. It is a matter of priorities. The City finds billions to subsidize stadiums, real estate developers and other benefits for the 1%. Restoring the one penny stock transaction tax would go a long way in balancing the budget. The City’s tax schedule is basically a flat tax by which millionaires pay the same percentage as the middle class . A small graduated increase in the tax on the rich would solve the budget crisis once and for all. This seems simple enough so why don’t the Mayor and the Council implement this tax increase? I believe it is because the political establishment including the Democratic and Republican Parties are financed and controlled by the 1% and raising taxes however small on their benefactors is “off the table”. That is why we should vote for the Green Party which will not accept contributions from corporations, PAC’s and big money interests. The Green Party will be truly independent and able to fight for the interests of the 99%!
    Tom Siracuse

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