Why Should You Vote For The Green Party?

The Green Party believes there is no significant difference between the Democrats and the Republicans and we reject the idea that the Democrats are better or that they are the “lesser of the two evils”.  Obama’s record on the environment, for example, is abysmal.  He supports more drilling for oil off the coasts of North America including the fragile Arctic, fracking for gas, building nuclear power plants for the first time in over 40 years and the continued extraction of coal.  Is it not obvious that he is under the control of the fossil fuel and nuclear power industries just as the Republican Party is?  Besides the environment, what about his aggressive use of the military, assassinations, drones, the shredding of the Bill of Rights as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that gives the President the authority to arrest and jail and even kill Americans without charges!  What about his refusal to really regulate the destructive speculations of Wall Street, or to restore the tax levels on the super that existed only decades ago, and to enact budget cuts that would put the burden of the economic crisis on the backs of the working class?  Why should we assume that Romney would have acted differently if hew had been elected?  Wasn’t Romney considered a “moderate” governor of Massachusetts?   I believe it would be harder for Romney to impose austerity programs, undermine the Bill of Rights and trash the environment than Obama since Obama still has much of the American people believing that he really is a good guy.  In any case, although Obama and Romney sound different, they have the same boss–the 1%.  I constantly hear people say that a vote for the Green Party is a wasted vote because the Greens cannot win.  The Green Party realizes it can’t win the Presidency but we believe that we have a responsibility to give the American people an opportunity to consider an alternative way to address the real issues confronting us by using the electoral process.  The reason the two corporate parties took away the presidential debates from the League of Women Voters is to prevent the American people from hearing alternative views and insure their monopoly on the political process.

The country’s economy and the planet’s ecology are quickly approaching a disastrous collapse!  The Green Party believes that we must end corporate control of our economy and our politics by preventing Wall Street from engaging in destructive speculation, enacting laws so that political campaigns are publicly funded and by small contributions from individuals, requiring the mass-media to give time to the candidates of all ballot parties and to have proportional representation of all ballot parties in our federal and local legislatures. The GP wants the NDAA repealed and the policies of racial profiling prohibited.  Law abiding undocumented immigrants who have been living in this country should be allowed to become legal residents and an immigration policy based on social and economic justice should be put in place.  Our present immigration policy is hypocritical and inhumane.  U.S. foreign policy is a large factor that causes millions of immigrants to leave their homelands and then it encourages illegal immigration into this country so that these immigrants can be super exploited.  The U.S. must end using war to extend its power and economic control over other countries.  The wars in the Mideast are wars to get control of oil resources.  They have nothing to do with spreading democracy or securing us from terrorism.  These destructive wars cause such hatred overseas that they increase the chances for terrorism.  These wars drain our economy, are a major cause of our national debt and siphon funds away from social programs, education and infrastructure.

The GP believes that we must phase out dirty fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas, and also dangerous nuclear energy. These fuels together with an economy that encourages runaway consumption and lack of conservation is causing an environmental disaster.  The GP wants to transition to clean, renewable energy –solar, wind, wave/tidal and geothermal.  Other countries have already begun to phase out fossil fuels and nuclear energy but the U.S. is the biggest source of contamination in the world.

What prevents us from pursuing policies that will save our planet for future generations is a power elite (the 1 percent) that is blinded by its quest for super profits and its control over our political system.  Both parties and their candidates are under this control.  One way to force Obama to change is for the Green Party to significantly increase its vote. That would shake up the two corporate parties and the power elite.  Otherwise, why would Obama and his Wall Street backers feel compelled to change if they know that we will vote for Obama anyway as the “lesser of two evils”?

Tom Siracuse, Candidate for the 6th District of the NYC Council and Chair of the Manhattan Green Party

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  1. Louise Barton

    Tom Siracuse for president! President of the USA, that is!

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